Here at Support on the Spot we take great pride in keeping our knowledge and expertise continually updated on the latest issues being faced in the IT world.  Our support team are always on hand to help clients who experience any kind of cybersecurity issue. 


We provide rigorously tested antivirus solutions which we believe provide the best possible protection for our clients.   With experience and training on how to protect businesses in the best possible way, we consider ourselves to be one of the most effective providers of antivirus protection in the industry.  

Install/maintain firewalls

Firewalls exist as a front point of protection against attacks and intrusion.  Where there is a connection there is also a point of attack for malicious code or hackers.  We provide Watchguard Firewall solutions which sit at the edge of your network to scan all incoming and outgoing requests, blocking anything that isn’t necessary for your business continuity and eliminating the risk of breach.

Protection and monitoring

Often one of the biggest security risks to a business is the employees themselves. While they’re browsing the internet, chatting with friends on social media or conference calling they can be putting your business information at risk.  We can provide a variety of monitoring tools that report internet usage, chat logs and email monitoring as well as other useful information.   If you need to get more of an overview of what happens on the computers in your place of work we can provide you the visibility.