“Support on the Spot are a vast improvement from what we had before, this change was essential because of how fast we were growing as a company”

Michael Small, Associate Director – Finance

Project Overview

A deteriorating IT system culminating in two separate email outages, each lasting over a week, led Fusion People to instigate a complete overhaul of its hardware and software requirements. Support on the Spot were chosen to manage this complex rebuild:

“What I like about Support on the Spot is that they are so open and honest – they appreciate that not everybody is a technical whizz kid! I trust them to give us practical advice in easy-to-understand language.”

Peter Gerrard, Managing Director.

Company Overview

Fusion People are a leading independent recruitment organisation, consisting of individual brands, each offering specialist expertise within their core markets of Construction, Property, Engineering, Industrial, Financial Services, IT, and Training.

Background to the project

Peter Gerrard, Managing Director, joined Fusion People in March 2016, with responsibility for IT infrastructure, marketing, bids and tenders and operations. Hence, a fully functioning, financially viable IT system was fundamental to the brief. Having grown quickly over recent years, both organically and via a series of acquisitions, a full audit of Fusion People’s IT system was required to establish which legacy systems were fit for purpose, which were redundant, and which would require upgrading.

This created a time issue for Fusion People, as the company was being advised to urgently replace the IT infrastructure at all of its sites, costing in the region of £200,000 (or £30,000 per annum on a seven-year depreciation basis). Taking into account its already £370,000 annual running costs, Fusion People was looking at a total annual outlay of £400,000 to operate their existing IT system.

A better product at a cost-effective price

Fusion People is now confident that it has an IT system which is ‘fit for purpose’.

 “I now have a clear handle on my IT costs. I know exactly what I’m paying for.”

Peter Gerrard, Managing Director.

After the audit, Support on the Spot quoted Fusion People over 30% annual reduction; i.e. £280,000 for a full rebuild and upgrade to suit its needs going forwards. Fusion People had previously been ‘fire-fighting’ with its existing IT system.  

After the project, the company was able to start focusing on long-term planning and strategic requirements.“I really appreciate the clarity that Support on the Spot provide in terms of options. For example, what would the risk be if we didn’t upgrade a certain component.

“This means that I can go away and make an informed cost vs benefit decision.”

Peter Gerrard, Managing Director.

Support on the Spot have managed to surpass Fusion People’s expectations in both its handling of the brief and in its ongoing support and service.

“Having joined from Michael Page, I was used to a multi-national organisation where all the IT worked efficiently. With IT though, I appreciate that there are a lot of things which go on ‘behind the scenes’.”

Peter Gerrard, Managing Director.