“We now have more reliable and secure printing whilst paying considerably lower costs.”

Liam Humphreys, Managing Director

Project Overview

Kellan are a recruitment agency with branches all over the UK, their previous printer costs were in the region of £12,000 per quarter. Their existing printer contract was up for renewal. 

Support on the Spot made an analysis of their current printer configuration and analysed their needs.  They then set about obtaining quotes that would meet their requirement from reputable and reliable managed print contractors.  Once Kellan selected a quote, Support on the Spot managed the project along with the new print supplier. 

Printer Service Background

Kellan had an existing managed print contract and were happy to continue the service simply to avoid the complications of introducing a new product that could result in lost time. 

Support on the Spot managed the entire migration project from start to finish, resulting in no extra effort from any Kellan staff members and no down time during the ‘side-by-side’ new printer installation. 

Support on the spot analysed the existing configuration and then arranged and negotiated quotes.  Once the quote was approved they made a project of building a server to host the managed print queue and then they went about arranging the delivery of the new printers, the configuration and training on the new printers and finally the removal of the old printers. 

A better service at a better price

The result was a 50% reduction in the total number of printers needed, resulting in approximately 55% reduction in their total quarterly costs.  Support on the Spot also build and configured managed print queues that result in less waste as well as the ability to print form any site to any printer should a user require it.   A centrally managed print queue means that any user anywhere in the company can be assisted remotely by Support on the Spot.

Improved confidence

The smooth transition of the project along with the new functionality of the printers means that Kellan employees are able to continue working with absolutely confidence that their printers will work when needed.  The improved security and functionality as well as ability to print from anywhere to anywhere have resulted in improved confidence and faster more secure working speeds. 

 “A project of this magnitude can be daunting and time consuming, but Support on the Spot managed it professionally and gave us a solution that we are both happy with and saves us money.”

Liam Humphreys, Managing Director