At Support on the Spot we provide the complete office 365 solution.


Microsoft Office 365 is the ultimate cloud-based productivity software which will enable your business to work efficiently and in sync with one another, therefore increasing productivity while you use well-known software such as Word and Excel.


By using Office 365, everyone in your business can work together seamlessly from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. They will have access to email, documents, calendars and more with Microsoft’s cloud-based applications.


Management  & Hosting

As Microsoft Partners, we can provide you with the right licences for your business needs. We can manage and administer your licences, users, OneDrive and Sharepoint files and much more.

Full Support

Our dedicated team of engineers are trained to support you in every area of your Microsoft 365 subscription, no matter what you need. 

Office Suite

Outlook, Word and Excel are the building blocks of any company’s files. With the full Office suite, supported by us, you’ll have what you need, where you need it.



Email signature management

We can provide you and your team with professional looking email signatures that work effortlessly with Outlook web mail.  Our design team here at Support on the Spot can build you a signature quickly and efficiently that helps with your brands continuity and showcases your most important information on each and every email sent, appearing across PC, Mac, Tablet and mobile devices.  


Under UK Law, it’s imperative that business comply by adding certain information onto their email disclaimer.  Our team can advise how this can be done and ensure that each and every email your employees send conform. 


Not only is It a legal obligation to have an email signature which showcases certain information, but it’s a great way to generate inbound marketing for your business.  By including marketing campaigns, promotional events or seasonal offers this can generate traffic and save you money on advertising costs.